October 2018

Got some free pallets from a friend

Also got some free slats

Wood shed

I was able to get some hardwood pallets and slats from a friend. I trimmed the pallets to cover the entire floor area of the woodshed. We then cut the slats and started to install them as walls around the perimeter. They will keep a lot of the weather out but the spaces between them will allow for airflow to keep the firewood drying. 


Almost finished :-)


I went to visit some friends for a few days close to Weyburn Saskatchewan. They are a wonderful family and have a very nice place. Hundreds of acres of land, about 100 cattle and close to a dozen horses. There is always something to do! What an awesome experience!

Fence.... and lots of it.

Posts, 83 per quarter mile!

Part of the reason I went for a visit was to help them install a fence around some newly purchased property. They have to install about 2 miles of fencing! Yes 2 miles... 

We were able to get over half the posts in. Did you know that in a 1/4 mile of fence there is about 83 posts. 1 every 16ft. It was a bit overwhelming at first to see what we had to fence off but it actually goes pretty quick if you have the equipment and know what you are doing. My friend has the equipment needed for installation has many years experience fencing so it went well. 

More posts 🙃

Post pounder

Spools of barb wire and unspooler

How it gets done

The corner posts are drilled in and not hammered. So we used a bobcat skidsteer with a 12" post hole digger attachment and drilled down about 48". We then put in a large post about 10" in diameter.  We made sure it was plumb (vertically level) and then backfilled around it with gravel compacting it as we shovelled the material in.  

Once this post was secure we tied the end of a spool of barb wire to it. We then drove 1/4 mile along the line where the new fence is to be installed. You drive slow and the wire unspools off the back of the truck usually without any problems. When all the wire is off the spool you then pull the wire with a piece of equipment or truck or sometimes by hand to get it somewhat straight. The second post is installed just about 5 feet short of where the wire ends. This second post is also dropped into a drilled hole, plumbed then backfilled.  Once the second post is secure we use a "come-a-long" to tension the wire fairly taught. We then walk along where the wire is and make sure it is not caught on some brush or clumps of sand and ensure it is straight. This will be the line that we use to install all the fence posts. This goes quick as we are driving the posts into the ground with a piece of equipment. 

Truck tire shopping time 🙃

I would like to get new tires for my truck before the snow flies. I know how important good tires are and the difference they make. When I was younger I raced gocarts and was into sport bikes for many years. Good tires are important, regardless of the vehicle. 

I've been fortunate to have a truck, basically since I got my license which was many years ago. ☺️

I have always tried to get good tires for my trucks. Not necessarily big tires, or showey tires but good quality ones. Tires that gripped the road well and also didn't wear out in 10,000km.

Where we lived in northern Ontario prior to moving to NS, we had a long driveway which wasn't paved. There was a fairly big hill and winters were long, they lasted 5 months.  I had a plow on my truck and cleaned our driveway as well as the driveways of our neighbours. Good tires are especially important in the snow. 

The truck I have now still has stock tires on it. (stock tires come with a new car/truck). These are ok but typically not the greatest quality tires.  

I learned many years ago that Canadian tire sold a tire that handled good on the road, great in the snow and didn't wear out quickly.  They also went on sale every few months for 25% off! They were made by Goodyear but were branded Motomaster. Eventually they became the Goodyear Wrangler Territory and now are called the Wrangler DuraTrac. They are a great all terrain mud and snow tire. They are fairly quiet for how aggressive the tread is. They ride very nice and if you rotate your tires like they recommend they will last a long time. A lot longer than if you don't rotate them... trust me. 

The stock tires on my F150 are 265/70R17. The 265 is the tread width in mm. The 70 is the side wall height in percentage and the 17 is the size of the rim in inches. 🙈 Wow inches and mm together.  How can that be allowed!

The tires I am hoping to get are LT285/75R18. This is a slightly wider tire, only 20mm so 3/4 of an inch. However the tire is several inches taller due to the 75% being more than the original 70%. Also the 75% is based on the larger 285 tire. Plus... I'm going with 18" rims hopefully. The rims I was looking at are plain steel ones. I don't need fancy wheels and can't afford them anyways... especially with the cost of tires nowadays. There are other important specs that you need to consider. The sidewall ply of the tire. This is how durable (thick) the sidewall is. Also the speed rating of the tire as well as the load rating. 

These new tires have a speed rating of Q where my current ones have a T speed rating. The T is rated for 190km/h where the Q rated is for 160km/h. Q is fine for me. The sidewall of the new tires is much more durable than the current tires and the load rating (which is related to the ply of the tire) is much higher as well. My current tires have a load index of 115 which corresponds to 2,679 pounds whereas the new ones are 129. That's close to 4,000 pounds. Wowzers I can carry a lot of hay bales or dog food or firewood with that!


Conversations in last 24hrs

me - "Where you going?"

wife - "to take the clothes off the line"

me - "it's 9:30 at night, just leave 'em"

wife -"it might rain over night"

me - 🙄

me -"there's not a cloud in the sky. I was just outside. The forecast says it's suppose to start raining tomorow afternoon. I will take them off in the morning"

wife -"that's ok. I'm taking them down now"

me -"ok" 🙄

...This am at 6:30 it was raining outside... it hasn't really stopped since. 

wife - 😉



Second similar conversation

supper time...


wife -"will it be okay if I use the toaster oven"

me -"yaaaa why?"

wife -" I don't want it to trip the system if the batteries get too low"

me -"nope it will be fine"

wife -"it wasn't sunny yesterday hardly and today not at all"

me 🙄

me -" it will be ok"

wife "okay, I'm making garlic bread to go with supper"

me -"that sounds great"

👀   👀

...that's us... in the dark 

me ☺️

wife 😉

It's raining again!

It started raining this morning and the weather network shows there is a rain warning in effect! 40-70mm of rain coming this way this evening and overnight into most of tomorrow. How crappy is that... for finishing projects! 

Lots of people are happy with the rain as their dug wells are low in level. 

Our well seems to be fine. The previous owners said the well is good and there is normally lots of water so no worries. 

The things we take for granted. Water is soooooo important. We need water for drinking,  but its also required for cooking, cleaning,  for our pets to drink, for our gardens... for survival!

On second thought... Let it rain! 🌨💦

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is pretty amazing. Buy a good brand like Bragg's for example. Make sure the brand you get has the "mother" inside of it. The "mother" is a cloudy suspension that contains most of the beneficial "stuff", enzymes, beneficial bactieria, trace minerals and some pectin.   

Ensure it says "with the mother"!

Benefits of taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking your daily dose of ACV has many benefits. Make sure to rinse your mouth afterwards by drinking some water. The vinegar is hard on tooth enamel.

Many people don't like the taste of apple cider vinegar. If you find it too strong just mix it with some water. 


It will help with digestion. 

It will lower blood cholesterol levels. 

It promotes weight loss. 

It reduces appetite. 

It lowers your blood sugar level and helps fight diabetes. 

It kills many pathogens and harmful bacteria. 

Shed for storing straw.

I'm thinking about building a small shed over by the duck pen. We will keep the straw, duck feed, cracked corn (treat for the ducks), and wood shavings in the shed. It will be close by when needed and also I can get some of that stuff out of the tool shed. The straw is covered up outside but cheap tarps let the water through eventually. Who would have known!

Before I start this project I need to finish the wood shed. I should also set up the pool for the ducks like we had previously.

It's sometimes easy to start a new project and forget about finishing the prior ones. New projects are fun to plan and get the material for and get 3/4 of it done. Its the last part that you sometimes need to force yourself to finish. I guess it all depends on the project and the individual but I struggle with that sometimes.  

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